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Small Business Highlight: Ella-Rue (Georgetown)

The Ella-Rue Story

“How many wonders can one cavern hold”?! Ella Rue is a high-end, trendy boutique nestled on the quaint P Street in Georgetown. This chic store offers a wide range of luxury, fashionable clothing and accessories. Upon entering, you’ll immediately notice the stylish and modern interior…and then the overwhelm of treasures at your fingertips sets in. Ariel would feel right at home.

Ella Rue provides a delightful shopping experience for fashion-forward individuals. The foundation of the store’s curated collection began from “the value of investing in timeless, beautiful fashion”, as described on their website (

My husband still makes fun of me for justifying a Chanel purchase by claiming it would someday be an heirloom someday…but I think owners, Krista and Alexa, would agree!

Run by two sisters, they always believed a well-rounded wardrobe included a combination of designer pieces and current fashion. Their collection today represents this mix of established and emerging designers, ensuring that customers can discover the latest trends and timeless classics.

Why Ella-Rue? The Ella-Rue Difference

Ella Rue ensures that their products meet high standards of quality and luxury, offering well-preserved and unique items. From spotless Chanel tweed to studded Valentinos, the boutique provides a selection that appeals to those with discerning standards.

Ella Rue offers a curated collection of clothing and accessories from both established and emerging designers. You can find unique and exclusive pieces that are not commonly found in mainstream stores. The mix of established and up-and-coming designers also gives customers the opportunity to discover and invest in the next big names in the industry. Shopping at Ella Rue allows shoppers to lean in to the growth and success of talented designers. Ella Rue’s selection caters to this desire, providing a range of high-quality items that stand out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for that personalized touch, the boutique’s staff can assist in finding the perfect pieces that align with the customer’s style and preferences, ensuring a tailored shopping experience. Ella Rue prides itself on providing excellent customer service with personalized attention and styling advice offered by the knowledgeable staff.

By staying abreast of the latest fashion trends, Ella Rue is an ideal destination for trend-setters who want to stay ahead of the curve. The boutique offers a range of stylish and on-trend pieces that allow customers to express their individuality and make a fashion statement.

Overall, Ella Rue’s unique and exclusive selection, high-quality and luxury offerings, personalized service, support for emerging designers, and its reputation as a trendsetting and fashion-forward boutique make it a must-see boutique.

Check them out! @shopellarue,, 3231 P Street, NW, Washington, DC

All images from @shopellarue

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