A Few of My Favorite Things…

Welcome to laurenberkey.com! I’m so thankful you stopped by. For my inaugural blog post I thought it may be useful and relevant to introduce you to me, but from a different perspective. Not your typical “I am a wife, mother of three, and love tennis in my free time” type of intro, but a brief review of my favorite things as they relate to interior design. These are the things that bring joy to my every day and nurture the passion for interiors as I create spaces for each of my unique clients and projects. Hope you enjoy!

#1 Trim

I adhere to a practice of enhancing (or embracing) the architecture first, then starting the design. Archways, gorgeous original moldings, French doors. These are the things that bring “character” to a home and I try to preserve them as much as possible! If character is lacking, we add it! Once the architecture is strong and can stand on its own, we begin to think colors and patterns. 

#2 Details

Dot your i’s, cross your t’s, and do not let the art hang crooked. Details in interiors are linked with quality of work. I pay attention to the details so the finished product looks incredible in your home.  Details are every step of the way from measurements, undertones of paint colors, the scale of the room, to a choice in thread color on a window treatment. Additionally, as a designer I love to embellish the details and think outside the box to elevate the look. 

#3 Mixed patterns and styles

Image credit: Dimples and Tangles

A common question is whether you can mix styles, and how. Yes! It can and should be done. Years ago, I worked with a stylist to organize my closet and revamp my wardrobe. I had transitioned from a workaholic corporate gal, then stay-at-home-post-third-kid-and-pandemic mom (translation: yoga pants), into pursuing my dream as an interior designer. My closet was a representation of the past and it did not jive with what I was striving for in the future. Enter Ali Helmuth, amazing stylist and business owner of ALH Style (@alhstyle) based in Alexandria, VA. One of her (many) golden nuggets was to have one item that pops and is unique mixed into your outfit. My recommendation for interiors is similar. You can have a traditional style, but mix in a pop of modern with a lucite cocktail table. If you have a neutral palette you can add a pop of color in a bold colored table lamp or accent pillow.  You can have a modern or tailored space and add in an antique. Speaking of antiques – always yes. They are one of a kind, your friend can’t also buy the same one from Wayfair, it elevates a room and gives a sense of prestige.  Adding variety, if done well, adds dimension and interest. If not done well, it is confusing and will not look good. 

#4 Custom Fabric

Whether it’s throw pillows, upholstery, or drapery, my happy place lies in the creative process of pulling together the color palette and combination of patterns that bring life to a room. The process of getting there is one of science believe it or not! Colors, textiles, proportions. The end result is a gorgeous design that exudes your personality and style. 

#5 Layers

It’s hard to pinpoint why the best designed spaces look so good, and often it comes down to layering. While I do like a layered rug look, that’s not the literal interpretation of what I mean. Layering to me is multiple textures throughout a room, colors and patterns, metals and wood, organic shapes, the right styling components. Layering is giving attention to all the spaces even if it means intentionally removing something to avoid clutter.

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